So my blog schedule has been tweaked a little. Every week, expect the following:

News/Events MondaysLove Books! What to expect: Anything in the world of Children’s Books: tips on reading with children, book reading events, news from our reading club, top libraries and bookstores for children’s books, etc.

Book Review Wednesdays: Book Reviews for 8-12 year olds

What to expect: Review of the Book of the Week

1st Tuesday of the month: African  (Set in Africa or written by an African Author)

2nd Tuesday of the month: Classic

3rd Tuesday of the month: Non-African Contemporary

4th Tuesday: Miscellaneous (Non-fiction, Graphic Novels, Anthologies, Poems, Plays)

Book Review ThursdaysBook Reviews for 0-4 year olds

Book Review Saturdays: Book Reviews for 4-8 year olds


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2 thoughts on “BLOG SCHEDULE

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