Welcome to the wonderful wonderful world of BOOKS!!!! BOOKS!!!! And more BOOKS!!!!

I am Ugo and I will be your (reading) guide.

I want to help your kids read books, to love them, live them and maybe create a few stories of their own.

This blog is primarily for pint-sized (LITTLE) bookworms (READERS) aged  0 – 12.

We have book reviews and all sorts of book-related info on bookstores, libraries and book-related events for kids.

Our reviews are grouped into 3 categories.

0 – 4 Here we have reviews of books for babies and toddlers. Sturdy, ‘Board Books’ are made for these tough guys. They devour board books (literally) when you start reading to them early.

4 – 8 Here we have reviews of books for beginning readers, kids who are just starting to read on their own. You’ll find mostly ‘Picture Books’ in this category.

8 – 12 These are the golden years of reading, kids are able to read alone for the first time and to choose the books they want to read. This category therefore has reviews of ‘Chapter Books’.

Parents, teachers, siblings (older and younger), friends, not-friends and well-wishers of  0 – 12-year-olds are also welcome. I will endeavour to find one or two things to keep you busy 🙂

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