The No. 1 Car Spotter


Title:  The No. 1 Car Spotter

Author: Atinuke

Publisher: Walker Books     

Number of pages: 111        

Type of Book: Fiction

Age: 8+

Available here: Terrakulture Victoria Island, Lagos; http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Spotter-Walker-Racing-Reads/dp/1406320773

 Price: N1200; GBP 4.99

MY SUMMARY (without the ending):

This book, the first in a series introduces the bubbly and cheerful Oluwalase Babatunde Benson as No 1. No. 1 lives in a village where car spotting, a game involving spotting cars sometimes just by hearing the sound of the engine, is a major hobby for the men. He’s the Number 1 car spotter in his village, maybe in the world!

This book contains four ‘complete’ stories in which No 1 saves the day by providing an innovative solution to the problem of the village market cart, goes to the market with the village, buys ‘lipstick’ for Aunty Fine-Fine, runs the risk of losing his hard-earned nickname and helps to save his grandma and improve village life.

The No. 1 Car Spotter series details that fun and frolics of a young boy in a village in an African country (which isn’t mentioned).


UP: Reading this book is easy-peasy and the illustrations scattered all over make it even more fun!

DOWN: None


3.5 stars


  1. The name of the car manufactured by No. 1 and Wale and his crew: The Toyota Cow-rolla.
  2. Car spotting is a hobby for the _____________ in No. 1’s village: Men
  3. What did Aunty Fine-Fine send No. 1 to buy from the shop with many small-small bottles and containers and many girls: Lipstick
  4. What did No. 1 buy instead: Nail Polish
  5. As far as No. 1 is concerned, without __________, there is no such thing as good food. Palm Oil
  6. The 10 pink Porsche convertibles that stirred up dust when No.1 and Coca Cola were returning to the village from the market: Aunty Fine-Fine’s toenails painted with bright hibiscus pink nail polish.

CHALLENGE: The No. 1 Car Spotter

Are you a car spotter? How well do you know cars? Can you list 26 types of cars using the 26 letters of the alphabet?

e.g A-Aston Martin, B-Bentley, C-Cadillac (these examples can not be submitted as answers)

The first correct entry will be announced on this page and will win a copy of this book

Answers must be submitted before 12:00am on Sunday, July 5.

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Mouth Almighty

51dckgDyn8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Title: Mouth Almighty

Author: Salilah Agbaje

Publisher: Spoken World Productions

Number of pages: 143

Type of Book: Fiction, Play

Age: 8+

Available here: Terrakulture, Victoria Island, Lagos

Price: N1200

MY SUMMARY (without the ending): Justice has a big mouth literally and figuratively. His mouth is quite large and he talks too much. He is also quite mischievous and inquisitive. Justice goes down the street to buy a pint of milk for his mother and ends up disappearing after meeting a strangely fascinating man, Mr. Cringe. Justice’s experiences with, and after Mr.Cringe make this both magical and realistic and make for a good read. This will make a great musical play for kids to try at home and in school. It comes with music sheets too!


UP: It is a musical play and I enjoyed imagining a group of child actors doing justice to the play. Mr. Cringe the evil/mad scientist was another highlight of this book for me.

DOWN: Well, it may be a weeeeeee bit boring. So how can a book be boring and interesting at the same time? I really don’t know ☺


3 stars


1. The name of the evil genius: Mr. Cringe.

2. How Justice and Tata planed to make some money: By making kids pay $5 to watch a performance by Bud and the Choir in Justice’s mouth.

3. The experiment Mr. Cringe carried out on Justice: He put a group of singing dwarfs in his mouth

4. The name of the dwarfs living in Justice’s mouth : Bud and the Choir

5. Who dons a private investigator’s hat and decides to find Justice alone: Emmanuel. Justice’s father.

6. Justice’s father’s vices: Gambling and Laziness.

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The Hidden Star


Title:  The Hidden Star

Author: K. Sello Duiker

Publisher: Cassava Republic Press              

Number of pages: 210        

Type of Book: Fiction, Fantasy

Age: 9 and up

Available here: http://www.cassavarepublic.biz/collections/childrens-books/products/the-hidden-star

Price: N800

MY SUMMARY (without the ending):

Nolitye is a poor, unassuming South African girl who pursues her love of Maths in school and her hobby of collecting stones everywhere else. One day, Nolitye picks up the stone she has been waiting for all her life. This special stone, a magic stone, leads her on a journey that opens her eyes to things the people around her can’t see, like the white dove on Mamani’s head, the brown and green snake that MaMtonga wears on her neck like a necklace and Nomakhosi, the floating fairy-like ancestral spirit.

Nolitye and her friends, Bheki and Four Eyes, must find the remaining four parts of the magic stone before MaMtonga, the Zim, Ncitjana, the Mean One, and all their cronies, to save her parents and make the world bright again.


UP: The characters! The Zim: the giant man-eating monster; Bheki: the timid and overweight foodie; The Spoilers: the bullying foursome led by Rotten Nellie; Ntate Matthews: the smart drunk; Nomakhosi: the fairy-like time-stopper/people-freezer with amazing costumes; MaMtonga, the witch; Mandla: the ever-complaining donkey. I may have loved the setting even more than the characters. KSD creates a magical world that sucks you into it and doesn’t let you go till you’ve read the last word on page 210.

DOWN: It was a bit too descriptive; especially in the beginning and this made it drag but that didn’t stop me from reading!


5 stars


  1. The giant of a hairy man with teeth as sharp as small razors and a nail as long as a man’s arm and curved like a sickle-blade: The Zim.
  2. She has pointy ears and clear green eyes; she makes time stop and everyone freeze whenever she visits Nolitye and she guides her in the search for the four stones: Nomakhosi
  3. Rex’s pack of talking dogs and the ever complaining donkey: Ticks, Whiskers and Shorty; Donkey: Mandla
  4. She led the gang of bullies called the Spoilers and she gave Nolitye the last stone: Rotten Nellie
  5. She is bald with only one tooth, a big pimple on her nose and she wears a green and brown snake on her neck like a necklace: MaMtonga.
  6. She sent Nolitye’s real parents to the underworld: Sylvia called Thembi

 Read an excerpt here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0103/7312/files/Excerpt_from_website_Pages_from_HIDDEN_STAR_TEXT.pdf?3620

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